Company information

Greetings from the President

 Tokai Seapro was established as a member of the Tokai Denpun Group with the main purpose of producing, processing, distributing, and selling farm-raised fish and shellfish, as well as producing and selling aquaculture feed. One of the company’s greatest strengths is its development of a broad diversity of aquaculture-related businesses ranging from upstream to downstream.
 The company name “Sea-Pro” stands for “Professional, Produce, Product” of the sea and embodies the mission to hone its professionalism in the seafood industry, raising the value of and creating (producing and selling) marine produce. The aim of the company is to consistently provide customers with a stable supply of delicious farm-raised fish and shellfish using the company’s own independently produced aquaculture feed in order to ensure safety and peace of mind.
 By constantly seeking to address the various concerns and needs of customers and formulating proposals aimed at resolving these issues, Tokai Seapro strives to be as helpful to our customers as possible.
 By maintaining limited fishery resources through aquaculture and pursuing environmentally friendly business activities, the company aims to contribute to the realization of a better future.
Your continued support and cooperation in these endeavors are greatly appreciated.

President Toshimitsu Tanabe

Company information


Corporate name Tokai Seapro Co., Ltd.
Address (Head Office) 506 C/O Fukuoka-shi Sengyo Ichiba Ichiba Kaikan, 3-11-3 Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0072 Japan
Tel: +81-92-726-5631
Fax: +81-92-771-8824
Founded July 1, 2003
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Business activities Handling of farm-raised live fish, farm-raised fresh fish, processed sea products, feedstuffs, juvenile fish, etc.
Account settlement Once a year on June 30
Number of employees 150 (including those on loan to other companies)
Bank of account The Bank of Fukuoka (Chuo Ichiba Branch)


Before the split-up
Dec. 1974 Tokai Denpun (former Fujiroku) opens Uwajima Office (current Tokai Seapro Uwajima Office)
May 1976 Tokai Denpun opens Kagoshima Office
May 1982 Tokai Denpun opens Oita Office (current Tokai Seapro Oita Office)
Mar. 1989 Tokai Denpun opens Tarumizu Office’s new building and its processing factory
Aug. 1990 Tokai Denpun moves Oita Office (to the current address)
Feb. 1995 Tokai Denpun moves Tarumizu Office (to the current Tokai Seapro Tarumizu Office)
After the split-up
Jul. 2003 Tokai Seapro Co., Ltd. is founded after the split-up of Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd. (with the capital of 10 million yen)
(*Tokai Denpun’s Tarumizu, Oita, Uwajima, Azumacho, Sasebo and Takamatsu Offices, which focused on aquafarming, separated as an independent company.)
Sep. 2004 Increases its capital to 90 million yen
Apr. 2005 Takes over Kamae Suisan and starts operation as Tokai Seapro Kamae Factory
Jul. 2006 Changes the organization system to a division system
Jun. 2009 Uwajima Reizoko and Uwajima Office are established
Jul. 2009 Nihon Seapro is established as a subsidiary company
Apr. 2011 Takes over Mercian Feedstuff Division from Mercian Corporation, and establishes Tokai Seapro Feedstuff Management Department
Jun. 2011 Increases the capital to 100 million yen.
Takes over Harima Fresh Co., Ltd., and establishes Tokai Seapro Harima Fresh Division
Aug. 2012 Acquires capital in Uwajima Yogyo Shiryo Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2015 Establishes Harima Fresh Division and Hinase Factory
Jun. 2020 Merges Nihon Seapro
Dec. 2021 Establishes Marugo Fishery Co.,Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary of farming

Office information

■Oita Office and Kamae Processing Division

4500-16 Oaza Kamaeura, Kamae, Saeki-shi, Oita 876-2401 Japan

Tel:+81-972-42-1788    Fax:+81-972-42-1460


■Sasebo Office

Sasebo Haisha Center 2nd Floor, 4-8-5 Hirota, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki 859-3223 Japan

Tel:+81-956-26-5143    Fax:+81-956-26-5144


■Azumacho Office

1627-2 Shoura, Nagashima-cho, Izumi-gun, Kagoshima 899-1403 Japan

Tel:+81-996-64-5525    Fax:+81-996-86-1883


■Tarumizu Office and Tarumizu Processing Division

2502-1 Kaigata, Tarumizu-shi, Kagoshima 891-2102 Japan

Tel:+81-994-32-5151    Fax:+81-994-32-4427


■Uwajima Office and MP Factory

599-4 Sakashizu, Uwajima-shi, Ehime 798-0087 Japan

Tel:+81-895-25-5587    Fax:+81-895-24-4890


■Feedstuff Management Department (Uwajima Feedstuff Factory)

381-126 Sakashizuko, Uwajima-shi, Ehime 798-0087 Japan

Tel:+81-895-26-2171    Fax:+81-895-26-2172


■Takamatsu Branch Office (TDC Service Office)

Room #303, 3F, Best Amenity Takamatsu Bldg. , 1-10-30, Fujizuka-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 760-0071 Japan

Tel:+81-87-802-2665    Fax:+81-87-835-2070


■Harima Fresh Division and Hinase Factory

380-75 Sougo, Hinase-cho, Bizen-shi, Okayama 701-3202 Japan

Tel:0869-92-4753    Fax:+81-869-72-3939


■Marugo Fishery Co.,Ltd.

1992 Oaza Morizakiura, Kamae, Saiki-shi, Oita 876-2404 Japan

Map of Head Office

■Head Office

506 C/O Fukuoka-shi Sengyo Ichiba Ichiba Kaikan, 3-11-3 Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0072 Japan

Tel:+81-92-726-5631    VoIP phone:+81-50-3368-8636